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  DocMatcher helps you find the doctor right for you. Quickly find a doctor in your area in the search box above or try our advanced search to match to the doctor perfect for you. It’s easy, secure and free.   Once you connect with the doctor right for you, you have mobile access to your doctor on-line, anytime. Stay in control of your health and get the answers you need. Send messages, share your virtual health files and get expert advice.   DocMatcher takes the hassle out of the healthcare experience. Conveniently schedule appointments on-line, get expert advice and articles, and prepare for your visit by downloading forms and uploading info in advance. Make visiting the doctor painless - register now free.  

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Dr. Bruce Kesten


Dr. Robert Tomsett
Family Practice


Dr. Howard Luks
Orthopedic Surgery


Dr. Lauri Romanzi
Obstetrics and Gynecology


Dr. Jack Choueka
Orthopedic Surgery


Dr. David Edelstein
Orthopedic Surgery

Addiction MedicineAdolescent MedicineAllergist/Immunologist
AnesthesiologistBariatrics (weight loss)Cardiologist (heart)
Cardiothoracic Surgeon (chest)Chiropractor (back)Colon and Rectal Surgeon
Dermatologist (skin)Dentist (teeth)Emergency Physician
Endocrinologist (diabetes, metabolism)Family PractitionerFoot & Ankle Specialist
Gastroenterologist (digestion)GeneticsGeriatrician (aging adults)
Hand SurgeonHematologist (blood disorders)Hospice and Palliative Care (comfort)
HyperbaricsInfectious Disease Specialist (infections)Internist (generalist, PCP)
LASIK Surgery (laser eye surgery)Nephrologist (kidneys)Neurologist (brain, nervous system)
Neurosurgeon (brain, spine)Nurse PractitionerObstetrics & Gynecology (female reproduction)
Occupational TherapistOncologist (cancer)Ophthalmologist (eyes)
Optometrist (glasses)Oral SurgeonOrthopaedic Surgeon (bones, joints)
Osteopathic ManipulationOtolaryngologist (Ear, Nose and Throat)Pediatrician
Pediatric SpecialistPain SpecialistPhysiatrist (physical function/ rehab)
Plastic SurgeonPodiatrist (foot and ankle doctor)General Preventive Health
Psychiatrist (Mental Heath)Psychologist (Mental Health Counseling)Pulmonologist (Lungs, asthma)
RadiologistRadiation-OncologistReproductive Health (Infertility)
Rheumatologist (autoimmune, joints)Sleep MedicineSpine Specialist
Sports MedicineSurgeon (General)Urologist (urinary tract, male reproduction)
Urogynecologist (pelvic disorders)Vascular SurgeonWomen’s Health
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